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2007-12-10 21:59:24 by WAAANIMATION

Hey guys,

Alex here, If you haven't noticed, this is the first, probably only post-ey thing here. Meh lol. I was just thinking of an excuse not to animate when I saw this thing 'cha-ching' hello excuse lol. Anyway, the subject thing is 'Ego Boost' in large friendly letters, so I should probably talk about that. We've been up for two years now and the only flash we have to show for it is that...hideous..Pubbe Knowledge -_- After that I planned about 4 more animations, but whenever I started them, I just gave up 'cos I either realised how crappy they were, or just got bored fo them : p Cos that's how I roll. So I sort of gave up animating for two years. Then suddenly, I saw that 5 people had us on their favourite authors. Wow and all we had released was that crappy flash pubbe Knowledge and a few collabs. I realised that if I get an actual flash out there that I deem as good, then loads of people might like it. lol or I could be completely wrong ; p
So I set to work on Nightmares. Also for some whacked out reason, we got three more people who added us ^_^ So thanks to the ego boost of a life time, I'm almost done on Nightmares. Sorry it took so long guys : D


p.s thanks to Balto0924 , darkkiller9007 , MetallicaManiac31 , Scammer30 , ShortMonkey, sonicku , wewinagain1 and windtunnelarchives
you guys really helped in the process of getting my lazy ass animating again : D